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Mosaic World runs conversations and Mastermind groups within the UK and on a Global basis via Mosaic Fusions to address challenges in relation to the workplace and wider society.


We also provide a safe thinking and discussion space for Boards and Senior Executives to discuss and gain a deeper awareness and understanding of issues and challenges that impact on the effectiveness and optimal productivity of the people they employ for the future workplace.


Visit Eventbrite for more details on upcoming events or get in touch if you would like an internal event within your organisation or network


Susan also works on a one to one basis with Senior executives, providing Executive Coaching, Mentoring, and Guidance support to enable them to better navigate workplace challenges.


Matthew Griffiths, Vistage Board Chair

I had the great pleasure of working with Susan recently in an open forum focussing on different elements regarding Black Britain for Black History Month. What impressed me greatly, and one of the reasons I was keen to take part, was that Susan created a safe, trusted and open environment where a number of us could discuss our thinking on difficult topics. I work with business leaders as an executive leadership coach and never has a forum such as this been needed more. Susan’s easy, encouraging and inquiring style brings out real insight which I believe to be essential in making progress in this crucial area. I cannot recommend Susan highly enough - thank you for bringing me into the conversation.

Julie Mills, Principal,
Milton Keynes College

I have worked with Susan professionally for a number of years and her human-first approach has ensured she has been successful in providing valuable advice and insights to support change programmes as well as delivering practical facilitation and professional services to support a range of people services and organisational development activities.

Her discursive sessions enabled an honest sharing of views and enquiry, expertly facilitated by Susan, who allowed participants to find their own way openly and constructively. I valued the time and space to reflect, to hear from others and to bring some order to a complex and emotive challenge. Susan’s approach to deconstructing a problem so that it could be better understood and more intelligently faced provided a valuable framework in which to begin difficult conversations and emerging actions.

Antonia Maclean, Wingivers

Susan has helped me with two organisations - create a "Thinking Space" to help senior leaders think through issues of race and privilege. Her preparation and considered thinking on the subject reflects the work that Susan has put into this area both via her experience and initiatives at a practical level and through her writing. I would highly recommend Susan to support the co-creation of a workshop / discussion group which aims to establish understanding and awareness among managers then action - in business or the third sector. She is fun to work with and I've benefited from her perspective on being human in our world as it is today. As she says - Selah!

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