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This book is a brave, insightful and at times an uncomfortable read in collecting together 30 narratives from men invited, as advocates of women, to articulate their own personal accounts of the value women bring to work and strategies for progress. Curated with a light structure, these individual conversations ebb and flow in a way that gives the reader a rare glimpse across so many voices; it is nuanced and hopeful. The book is not for those that want a top tips list or 4-box matrix model, it instead invites the reader to experience the novelty of a curated research journey. Popoola (2021) defends her single-gendered approach “if we want men to fully understand the challenges women face so they are able to more effectively provide input and support, we need to find ways of including them in the dialogue more”, and she suggests “reading with an open mind”. I have found this book informative in the context of wider reading and it has a place in the spirit of wanting to learn more and I attach below my recent favourite reads on this subject. (Cont’d)

Lisa Peach, FCIPD, FHEA, Group Head of OD & Leadership. Royal Free London, NHS Foundation Trust

It was a privilege to make a tiny contribution to this wonderful book written by Susan Popoola.
It contains a wealth of perspectives and insights from men of different cultures in different work settings on the huge value that women bring to the workplace and the impediments that need to be removed to move towards more inclusion and gender balance.
I learnt so much from listening to Susan and others about the challenges that women can unfortunately still face in realising their potential. I felt a conscious obligation to act to help make tomorrow better than today.
I would heartily recommend the book to anyone in my network.
Thank you again Susan for bringing a fresh set of perspectives to the conversation.

Keith Howells, Project4 Learning Lab

Susan, Thank you for publishing this book. It'll spark dialogue -- between women and men, and separately both among women and among men. Those conversations can foster greater understanding and lead to change. Congrats 👏🏼

Rick Zednick

Brave of you to tackle these issues  which people find uncomfortable to deal with but with depth and humility and in a non-confrontational manner.

Funmi, Medical Doctor


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