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Male Perspectives on The Value of Women at Work is an exploration of the value women bring to the world of work - from the variety of perspectives of a rich diversity of men who highlight some of the things that women uniquely bring to the workplace. They also highlight challenges that impede women’s ability to realise their full potential – both at individual and systemic levels.

Official launched on the 3rd of June 2021 with a conversation between the author, Susan Popoola and Antonia Maclean, Business Consultant and Vistage Group Chair, chaired by Dr. Julie Mills OBE, Principal and Chief Executive of Milton Keynes College, providing an opportunity to celebrate the publication of the book and gain insights into the process of writing the book, its objectives and the impact Susan would like the book to have.  Listen to the conversation here:


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This book is a brave, insightful and at times an uncomfortable read in collecting together 30 narratives from men invited, as advocates of women, to articulate their own personal accounts of the value women bring to work and strategies for progress. Curated with a light structure, these individual conversations ebb and flow in a way that gives the reader a rare glimpse across so many voices; it is nuanced and hopeful. The book is not for those that want a top tips list or 4-box matrix model, it instead invites the reader to experience the novelty of a curated research journey. Popoola (2021) defends her single-gendered approach “if we want men to fully understand the challenges women face so they are able to more effectively provide input and support, we need to find ways of including them in the dialogue more”, and she suggests “reading with an open mind”. I have found this book informative in the context of wider reading and it has a place in the spirit of wanting to learn more and I attach below my recent favourite reads on this subject. (Cont’d)

Lisa Peach, FCIPD, FHEA, Group Head of OD & Leadership. Royal Free London, NHS Foundation Trust



Buy the Book in order to explore the themes in more detail and see how they affect you and those around you.

Once you’ve read it, please write a review and recommend the book to others.


For Board Members, Chief Executives &  Senior Executives with an interest or concerns about the subject:

  • Get in touch to arrange a series of 1:1 Leadership Exploratory Discussions on the book with me

  • In addition, speak to me about Group Exploratory Discussions within your organisation, membership organisation or group around some of the key themes such as:

  • The Unique Value Women Bring

  • What Women Can Do (Differently)?

  • Men – Interacting with & Supporting Women

  • A Fair & Productive Post-Covid Workplace

  • Organisation Systems, Culture & Structures

  • Wider Structures in Family, Education and Wider Society



These exclusive Leadership MASTERCLASSES provide safe spaceS for a cross section of senior professionals in leadership positions to explore and better understand the challenges, and develop strategic solutions to the problems, as allies who want to see women reaching their full potential in their workplace and further afield.


Our next series of Masterclasses are taking place soon - Book Here


*Alternatively in touch if you are interested in participating or would like us to run one privately for you.

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